Software Development Engineer in Test at Prysmatic Labs

July 15, 2021


Prysmatic Labs currently builds the underlying code for the Ethereum blockchain, building a more fair, open, and censorship-resistant Internet. On Ethereum, anyone can deploy software that controls digital value and is accessible around the world. Born in 2014, the Ethereum network houses billions of dollars worth of value today, hosting projects such as:

  •  Global, decentralized organizations
  •  Non-reserve backed, stable-value currencies
  •  Fully-open, permissionless, financial applications

We believe Ethereum represents a fundamental shift in how financial and coordination systems operate. Our work is open source and accessible to anyone around the world, and we are seeking individuals that also align with these values.

We are looking for a remote, full-time Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) to keep pushing the envelope on decentralized technologies. Particularly, having experience in infrastructure, devops, and deployments of software in critical functions.

The Ethereum blockchain today suffers from a key set of problems, using a wasteful proof of work algorithm in which miners around the world spend large amounts of electricity to package transactions into blocks. For over 4 years, researchers have been working on a better, more efficient consensus algorithm known as proof of stake along with a scalability method for the system known as sharding. No blockchain so far has been able to find the right balance of security, scalability, and decentralization, and we are thrilled to work on the cutting-edge every day to accomplish this task.

We’re currently building the foundational code behind the future of the Ethereum project, known as Ethereum 2.0Our flagship project, Prysm, is a full implementation of the next generation Ethereum blockchain written in Golang. Prysm utilizes the top technologies for production servers and interprocess communication, using Google's gRPC library, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.

Ethereum 2.0 is a multi-year project split into phases. The first phase launched December 1, 2020. At the time of writing, the Ethereum 2.0 network secures around $16 billion USD worth of value. Prysm runs a large portion of the network today. At Prysmatic Labs, the lines of code you write will be mission critical towards securing a multi-billion dollar network.

Job Description

We are looking for a remote, full-time Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) to keep pushing the envelope on decentralized technologies. Particularly, having experience in infrastructure, devops, and deployments of software in critical functions.

We’re searching for a highly-motivated, team-oriented, and inquisitive learner to build great software with us. Upon joining our team, you’ll be fully involved in the design and code review process, have autonomy to take over non-trivial features from end-to-end.

The hard requirements for this position are as follows:

  •  Significant experience as a software engineer, having worked on a team, participated in the design and code review process, and having not only shipped products, but successfully landed them
  •  Significant experience in writing tests for code, such as unit tests, integration tests, etc.
  •  Experience in software deployment, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) in cloud environments
  •  Experience in software quality assurance (QA) as part of the software release process

Bonus points for the following:

  •  Knowledge of Kubernetes
  •  Knowledge of Ethereum or blockchain-related technologies
  •  Knowledge of computer networking and p2p networking

The Role

In one month, you will have:

  •  Learned about the Ethereum blockchain’s internals, its roadmap, and the internals of our flagship project, Prysm, which will serve as the backbone for Ethereum’s next big upgrade
  •  Learned about out software release process from start to finish and identified gaps where our process can become futureproof
  •  Improved our CI/CD pipelines for greater developer experience and safer delivery

In three months, you will have:

  •  Have taken ownership of our deployment process, introduced further automations to reduce the possibility of human error
  •  Built enhanced monitoring systems to improve our on-call infrastructure and how we monitor performance of our code in production and pre-production environments across releases
  •  Written extensive tests for mission-critical distributed and concurrent systems

In six months to one year, you will have:

  •  Shipped the next phases of the live, 2.0 Ethereum blockchain with proof of stake and sharding to production, marking one of the most exciting milestones in modern Computer Science
  •  A deeper understanding of blockchain technology, cryptography, p2p networking, and systems architecture
  •  Mentored future team-members, junior developers, and external contributors; helping them level up technically
  •  Established Prysmatic Labs as a leader in how we ship software and engage with users to ensure quality


Your personal success is paramount to the team’s success. We believe this opportunity is once-in-a-lifetime, allowing us to work on open source software with passionate engineers working on a cutting-edge solution the world has never seen. Every line of code you write will be mission critical in securing billions of dollars in value and we want to offer you solid benefits to make your experience working with us exciting and personally fulfilling.

The benefits we offer include:

  •  Insurance (Medical, Life, Vision/Dental) options that are built for both individuals and families, including almost full company contributions
  •  Competitive compensation
  • A fully-remote working experience, with paid travel with the team to key, important conferences for Ethereum such as Devcon (previously hosted in Osaka, Prague, and other cities)
  •  Unlimited PTO
  •  Autonomy and ownership of important features that will go live and secure billions of dollars in the Ethereum network
  •  Being part of a journey to develop something the world has not seen before, building a truly scalable, decentralized, and secure blockchain


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